Sunday, December 6, 2009

Letter from the Mission President

The news this week...Ben received his letter from his mission president. It arrived the same day that he sent out his letter and pictures (as requested in the packet). One of the first things Ben pulled out of the letter was an insert telling the boys to disregard the request for pictures as they will be taking pics on their arrival. Oh well, at least Pres will know Ben's is obedient.

One of the exciting aspects of the letter was the schedule for his day of arrival. The Pres and his wife will pick Ben up from the airport sometime in the afternoon, then have dinner with him then take him back to the mission home where there will be interviews and he will be assigned to a companion. He'll spend the night in the mission home then out to the field the next day.

One of the less exciting aspects of the letter was the assignment of home work. Ben was given an outline of a lesson on the restoration and he needs to fill it out. In other words, prepare a 30-40 minute lesson on the restoration of the Church of Jesus Christ in it's fullness.

He and I are also having a race to read the Book of Mormon before he leaves. So far I'm winning, but I won't tell you how far along we are.

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