Thursday, July 15, 2010


We got Elder Serrano's memory card today so I thought I'd post some pictures for you to enjoy.

At a cool waterfall

In the woods??
On the Incline

 Overlooking Johnstown

In the rain
Pennsylvania Rain


  1. That picture is actually overlooking the city of Pittsburgh and is taken from the Mt. Washington overlook, which is where Elder Serrano would have "arrived" when he got off the incline. I guess growing up in the city of Pittsburgh makes me partial to it:)

  2. Thanks for the correction! We usually get no info with the pictures, so we have to make our best guess.

  3. Correction on the correction:

    There is actually another incline in Johnstown and the caption is correct. The tablet in the foreground describes what happened in the Johnstown Flood. The incline you are referring to must be the Monongahela incline, which I believe overlooks the Monongahela river. The third incline in the Pittsburgh area is the Duquesne incline, which faces the Ohio River.