Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Avalon Week 7

WOW one year already?? That's a cool picture of the shirt (Ben's countdown shirt). It looks like you wrote some comments by some of the dots. I'm guessing those are transfers and what not? At any rate it's half way filled out! I like the tie especially. :) It looks like the Steelers! (of course).

Oh speaking of Steelers! So this Tuesday was transfers and I got my new companion Elder Taylor, and guess who was feeding us that Tuesday night? Chris Hoke, #76, Defensive Tackle for the Steelers. Yup! There's a Steeler in the ward here and he's really nice! His family is really energetic and nice as well. He played for BYU and went on a mission to France. It was way awesome, and we had a great time there. He's probably on his way right now to Texas for the Superbowl next Sunday! Too bad I get to miss it this year, hopefully I'll get to catch it next year.

So my new companion is Elder Tyler Taylor from North Carolina. He's way awesome! He has a lot of faith, works really hard, and is a health/exercise nut. So I'll be eating healthier and getting buff this transfer :) We've already started doing this workout call P90X.  I don't know if you've heard of it but it's super intense. He's got me getting up early every morning and after the work out, protein shake! We're getting along great and we teach together well too. We're way happy to be serving together, and pumped to get working this transfer! We're going to see some good things happen, that's for sure!

So as for our investigators... They're doing okay. Stephine seems to be avoiding us which is a bummer, same with some other people. We had some good things set up last week but things just fell through and we didn't really find any new investigators... but we did get the Arabic copy of the book of Mormon! We took it by the Aziz family (that's their last name) and dropped it off. They were very excited to be able to read it. Mona, the mom, said that Emil, the dad, could read a book in 3-4 days and that's what he expected to do with the book of Mormon. We're very excited to find out what happens with them! They're probably the most promising out of all the people we're working with. And that's fine! I really like them, they're a great family! I hope that they gain a testimony of the book of Mormon that would be great!
Well that's pretty much it for this week. The church is true and I love it!  I'll be thinkin of you on Thursday :)

Elder Benjamin

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