Sunday, March 6, 2011

Avalon Week 11

It sounds like you had a pretty cool week this past week. My week hasn't been as eventful, so if this e-mail sounds very bland, it's because our week was relatively bland.

-At one of our investigators house, Brian, we went to an appointment and were going to watch the Restoration DVD with him as a part of our lesson. He had a couple other people over at his house that were just completely drunk. And during the movie one of the ladies, who is probably in her 50's or so started yelling and cussing at our investigator and he ended up getting mad, and then that lady gets up and starts smacking our investigator in the face! He just took it because, I think he knew better than to hit her back. Anyway, when that started happening, we just up and left! The Spirit was NOT there and we thought it would be best if we got out of that house before anything else happened. We left the DVD playing and got out of there. On the way out to the car we started laughing like, what just happened in there? So I think it will be a while before we go back there. Hopefully when we do it'll be a quiet environment.

-Oh yeah, I just got your email about the new mission president! Yeah we're going to get a new mission president! President Summerhays will go home in the beginning of July so we'll be getting Pres. Topham here to govern the work in this mission. It's pretty weird and exciting at the same time. I'll have a new mission president for the last 6 months of my mission. I wonder how much it will change. Guaranteed they have completely different ways of doing things and it will take some getting used to especially for the Zone Leaders since we work so closely with the President in our callings. So that will be exciting. :)

-Today and last night we got A TON of rain! This morning we got a call saying that Stephine's house's basement was getting flooded out and that we need to get over there and help move some things. We got there and there was at least 3-4 inches of water in one part of the basement and we got some buckets, stood in the freezing cold water, and started dumping all the water into this big washing sink that was in the basement. Now we just got a call from one of the older ladies in the ward that her basement is flooded too and we need to help her out. At any rate we were driving home this morning and we saw big parking lot off the side of the road that got completely flooded too in the middle part of it. So we decided to take a few runs through the big puddle :) You'll see it on the memory card that I plan on sending off today. :)

-None of our investigators came to church this week which was a bummer... The ones that we are working with have some potential but not a whole lot. The A... family is doing okay. We have a good relationship with them, they love the church, they love the people, they love the Book of Mormon, but they said that they won't get baptized because the church they go to is in their language and it's the one that they know the most. We're still going to help them out as best as we can on a weekly basis. They said that they'll still come to church and what not but they don't think they'll get baptized... yet. They're awesome, I just wish I could speak Arabic....

Well mom that's about it for this week. Like I said, not much has happened. I am loving the scriptures more and more everyday! It's really a bummer if there ever is a morning that I don't get to study as much as I would like to have, like today. They are the best! They are true! I love you and miss you Mom!

Elder Benjamin

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