Monday, November 29, 2010

Pittsburgh Week 15

Sounds like there was a good week back in Utah! And no I haven't started to stink because of the hobo disease, I battled it with cleanliness! :)  You're so lucky that it's starting to look like winter over there! right now it's in the high 50's here in Pittsburgh, I'm actually just wearing a t-shirt right now and plan on doing something outside. But by the end of the week it should snow, at least I'm hoping it will!

So I have a few things exciting that happened this past week.

-I had a Jehovah's witness guy come up and try to proselyte me and my companions. It was kinda funny because he was giving us some of their pamphlets that they have and, well, we took them out of politeness. When he first started out talking to me he mentioned something about if we read the Bible, and I said, yes, we do, and we also read from the Book of Mormon, have you heard of that? And when I said that, he got all flustered and started stuttering because he didn't know really what to say to that. Apparently Jehovah's Witnesses don't like Mormons haha! But anyway I didn't get to say much to him there at that time because our bus came that were were waiting on, so it wasn't too bad!

-DAWN AND ALPHOSO GOT MARRIED!!!!!! I was so excited to hear about that! I asked Dawn to send me an announcement even though I couldn't go. But I sure hope that everything went well! It makes me so happy to hear about my 2 converts getting married and raising their kids in the church. So that was super awesome! They got married on the 20th of November. How cool is that! This year was probably their most life changing year that they'll have. They converted to the True church of Jesus Christ, and got married! How awesome!!!!! :)

-Okay this thing terrified me. So you know how I'm district leader and I have to host a District meeting that includes me training and coming up with a lesson to share with the district? Okay yeah, well President Summerhays called me up 2 hours before I had District meeting and said that he and Sister Summerhays would be attending.....!!!!! Yikes! my stomach dropped and I got really nervous. So then district meeting time came and so did President. And it started and I went through the plans that I had made for the Meeting, and after it was concluded  an hour later, President commented that the district meeting that was just held was a perfect district meeting!! he said that that was just how he wanted them to be and that the missionaries in the district were among the best in the whole mission!! Oh wow was that a reliever.... so that was awesome. President Summerhays thinks I'm an awesome district leader!! Hooray!! :)

But other than that things are going well. Baily is doing okay, she still doesn't have a baptismal date. And is still in the situation as last week so nothing really has changed there. which is sad of course. We had a totally awesome week in finding people that we can see and teach! Something I really like and have noticed a lot lately is working with the Spirit in talking to people on the street. There have been many instances in which I have started talking to people and I say something that I totally wouldn't have said in my normal approach with talking to people. And they, most always have worked out to where I was able to teach the people about the gospel. And I know it's like that because the Spirit was able to work through me, and teach those people. It was really cool.

Well I'll close for this week. Have a fantastic Thanksgiving!

Elder Benjamin Serrano

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