Monday, November 29, 2010

Pittsburgh Week 16

There's a great big Christmas tree! And I got a picture by it! So here's a picture, Merry Christmas! haha! it's a little dark

Elder Shipp got sick and I was afraid that I would get sick again but I didn't, so I'm good! I did get the package and it's totally awesome! I'm so excited to do that advent calendar! My companions are wanting to open them all up and find what things are in them, but I told them that it's against the law of the advent calendar to do so.

This Thanksgiving was pretty good! It was a little weird seeing as to I wasn't at home. It's the first holiday season away from home and it's way different. The dinner was great! It was supplied by a Bro. and Sis. Steimer. They are way cool and are recently re-activated less-active members! We helped them get back into church and the routine of it all so that was way exciting! We had all the works of a traditional thanksgiving dinner, and it was wonderful! My favorite part of it all was..... the cranberry sauce straight out of a can and cut up into round patties! :) Just like home. It was a most fantastic meal, and the company was way nice to us. But during thanksgiving day previous to the dinner was pretty hard because most people didn't really want to talk and we didn't want to tract because no one would have time due to cooking and family over so it was rough, but a great feast ended the day perfectly. The day after thanksgiving was great too for 2 reasons. 1. We got invited to a leftover thanksgiving meal which was fantastic. and 2. WE COULD OFFICIALLY PLAY CHRISTMAS MUSIC!!!!!! :) Which brings me to my next topic.

We only have 1 Christmas cd here at Maple Terrace and we are in need of more. Do you think you could send me some in the coming letters or something? If you have any MOTAB Christmas cds that would be great, we would love them. or you could make me a burned one. Remember: hymns, classical, motab. That would be most wonderful thank you!

It barley snowed out here and it's getting warmer for some reason for a little bit. Although it was bitter cold for the past few days. The humid wind just cut right through everything I was wearing And it was not warm. It really needs to snow within the next week or 2 so that I can get a picture of me and Pittsburgh when it's snowing to use on a Christmas card!

For our investigators. We still haven't found out anything with Baily... She is still deciding on what she needs to do. She's been to church enough times to get baptized and I know that she wants to, but she just need to figure out her living situation. So we'll see what's going to happen. We did find a new investigator however! His name is Justin. He's really cool and is really excited to learn about the gospel. He said that he started changing his entire life around and really wants to pursue the gospel in order to really go forth with his life changing experience! So we're pretty excited to be able to get to start and teach him.

Hmmm.... I don't think too much has happened other than that for this week... yeah...

Elder Benjamin

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