Monday, September 5, 2011

Harrisburg Week 10

I had to ask what these terms meant-Sheryl
White Wash or Double In: When 2 missionaries get sent to an area at the same time, so when they get there they know nothing about the area, the ward, the investigator, and in some cases the bus systems.
My Exchange over in Pittsburgh was great I really enjoyed it! I was somewhat long but it really made this week go by really fast because of the driving and not really knowing where I am. As well, we had zone leader council, so that makes things go by really fast. The days were packed with things to do and we always stayed busy, so that was nice. It turns out that while I was over in Pittsburgh they were filming some parts of the New batman movie that's coming out next year. A couple missionaries that were in the south side said that they saw the bat mobile parked on the side of the road with a couple cops standing guard by it. And they saw Christian Bale and a couple of his stunt doubles talking on the side of the street.
There was this family that we have been working with for the past 3 months and that missionaries have been working with for a long time that finally came out to church! They are the Y....r family that has a 10 year old girl that hasn't been baptized that wants to. I think I told you about this ward and that they have gone through a lot of stuff that offended a few families? Anyway, this family was a victim of an incident. They had a really good reason not to come back to church because of the gravity of how bad  of what happened, but sure enough the Lord was able to soften their hearts and the hearts of others, so that she could make it out.
So, Missy(our 16 year old dog) died. Those words jumped out at me right when I opened the e-mail. When I saw those I was in shock, so I just began at the beginning of the letter so I could see what happened. Even though I'm sad inside, I'm smiling. She was the best. It was a wonderful blessing having her in the family.  I can't help but smile when I think of great memories with Missy, and those memories will be forever cherished memories of my childhood. The Lord comforts us in all times of sorrow by means of his Comforter. I feel him now. And I thank God for this Gospel that is true. I hope this week is a good week, I'm sure it will be. Remember, Everyday might not be good, but there's good in everyday.

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