Monday, September 5, 2011

Harrisburg Week 13

Yes, this week was a busy one! It always is when it's transfer week. I got my new companion! His name is Elder Barry from all over the place, but more recently, Utah. He's an "airforce brat", so he's been all over
the place! Japan, England, then many places in the US. He's pretty cool,kinda antsy, but has a great reputation. This is his 4th area, and he's been out just about 14 months. Sounds kinda like me!

So the Storm... It was somewhatofa bust! It really didn't rain all that hard but there was some good gusts of wind. The major of the storm came Saturday night and I was asleep by then so I really didn't hear much of
the storm. When we stopped by the apartment Saturday afternoon our neighbor was outside and he stopped us a gave us a walkie-talkie with the weather broadcast on it so we could find out what was going on. It
was kinda funny because when he walked up to give it to us, in his other hand he was smoking something he called "sage", it looked like some leaf rolled up around a straw, so I asked him if he was smoking weed, and he said no! And said that sage was legal to smoke. Anyway he was really nice! I don't know if it was the "sage" or what but it was nice of him.There were quite a few trees that were knocked down in the storm and we lost power for about 12 hours Sunday morning. And the bishopric canceledchurch because there was a weather advisory that instructed people to stay indoors until noon. I was watching outside the window and the wind wasn't blowing that hard, but we decided to play it safe. It was cool!

This week there was an earthquake too! I was sitting in the car on transfer day and it all of the sudden started rocking back and forth!The elders that were in the car weren't moving and there was no oneoutside the car shaking it. Then while we were knocking on some doors a lady asked if we felt the earth quake and it made sense! So it was a week of natural occurrences! Yeah!

The Y......s are doing great, we didn't get to set her with a baptismal date yet because her mom wanted her to know more about it, so we gave her a pamphlet to study and we plan on setting her with a date this Saturday when we meet with them. We're pretty excited! When we met with the S........s they seemed like they were at the same point as they were in the past. They got some information about Joseph Smith off of the History Channel Website, and it was very misleading. So now they have all these bad assumptions about the reliability of Joseph Smith. Which kinda is a bummer. We're still meeting with them so we'll be able towork with them more. We keep encouraging them to read and pray.

Well I best be going now. I'm having a wonderful time out here in Harrisburg, and I love being here to serve the people and in turn serve the Lord! The Church is true! The Book of Mormon testifies of Christ! He is our Savior!


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