Saturday, February 6, 2010

1st Letter

We got our first letter from Elder Serrano. It was hand written and everything. He's doing awesome. You can just tell from the way he writes that he is still so excited and enjoying everything. Even a companion who likes to get up at 6am to shower (that means Ben gets up at 6am too). His first companion is Elder Coles and was born in the Pittsburgh mission area.

Ben said replacing the words guy or dude with Elder is the hardest thing he's had to do so far. The easiest has been enjoying the food. He assures me it's not as good as mine, but.... He also mentions that when they gave them their sheets for their beds they came with instructions on how to make a bed. One Elder in his room had to use them!!! Pay attention all you moms out there!

They met with their branch presidency and Ben was really impressed with them. Afterwords he was called back in and he was worried that he'd done or said something wrong. It turns out they wanted to call him to be the District Leader. I guess they saw in Ben what we all know. He's an amazing young man.

No e-mails as of yet. I look forward to posting those in Elder Serrano's own words so you can feel his spirit as well.

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