Friday, February 12, 2010

Monday, February 8th

My district is amazing! Three of the elders are going to Australia and the rest are going to Pittsburgh. All the Elders here are just great people with better testimonies. Oh yeah and I'm the only elder that knows how to play the piano so, I'll be playing every sacrament meeting. Which is nice, because I miss playing the piano every day already.

There was a devotional on Sunday that was the best devotional I ever had! It was AMAZING! And I'll tell you why! There was a musical number (and you know how I am with spiritual music) and it was of the hymn, O My Father. They showed the words up on the screen when they were playing it on the piano and violins. As I listened, I read the words and sang along in my head, and I started to cry. Not only because the song reminded me of Dad because it's his favorite hymn, but it reassured my testimony of Heavenly Father and our relationship with him, why we're here, and that he loves us and knows us personally. It was amazing!

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