Monday, February 22, 2010

Off to Pittsburgh

Ben left this morning for "the field". He departed Salt Lake about 6:30 am and we missed his call. He evidently tried to call the land line, but couldn't get through, so he tried the cell phones. One was on a wimpy vibrate, in a coat pocket, in the closet, the other was upstairs while we were downstairs. Nobody heard them. When we did get his voice mail we were extremely disappointed. "Cry Me a River" disappointed. He did say he would try again during his layover in Chicago. Dad and I practiced conference calls, just in case. It was worth it. He did finally call later this morning (11 or so). I got us all hooked up and it was great!

Ben sounds wonderful. He's equally excited and nervous. Now he gets to interact with real people, not just practice people. He is traveling with about 15 other elders. Some were Pittsburgh, spanish speaking. He sends his love to everyone. Keep those letters coming.

He said he had a great MTC experience. He learned alot, like teaching people, not lessons. Know the people and teach to their needs. I'm hoping now that he gets settled in he will be able to write longer, more meaningful letters, which I am ready to share.

Pray for him.

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