Monday, March 1, 2010

First letter from PA

On Monday morning I (along with 4 other elders in my 
district) got up and around 3am so that we could catch
our bus to take us to the airport, it really was 
terrible getting up that early because there's really
not that much recovery time to catch up on that sleep
because busses aren't that comfortable at all!! 
On the bus ride up there we took University pkwy to 
get to the freeway and I passed all the stores and 
restaurants that were on the way there and told my 
companion (Elder Coles) stories about all the different
places. It was kinda funny and was like, okay, I’m 
leaving this life behind and going on and serving the 
Lord. I got to see the church building one last time 
and the general area in which we lived it was cool! 
They (our MTC branch presidency) told us to back off 
on the "gung-ho"-ness of being missionaries at the 
airport, just because, well I think they didn't want us 
embarrassing our selves basically or something like 
that, I dunno. The flight was nice, once the tires 
of the plane left the ground I was out! It was pretty 
crazy how fast I fell asleep but getting up at 3 am 
will do that to you.
When we arrived in PA, the first thing I noticed was, 
there were no mountains!!!! It’s all hills and boring-ness! 
Well for now because all the trees are dead. Pres. 
Summerhays and the Assistants to the presidents 
picked us up and we took all our luggage and loaded 
it into a trailer and piled into the MAV (Mormon 
Assault Vehicle) and they took us to Golden Coral 
to eat dinner then proceeded to take us to the mission 
home where we met with the president(of the mission, 
not the US) and stayed the night.
The next day I met my new companion, Elder Zaleski! 
He is a fantastic missionary and he's teaching me 
a lot! We were assigned to the Johnstown area and 
that's where we serve. Our apartment is pretty nice. 
It's the second to top floor of the 4 story building. 
We went out tracting and it was pretty fun! It 
was snowing and we were talking to people on the 
street and knocking on doors! (oh yeah, it's been 
snowing [well not anymore] for about 3 days now 
with a couple breaks but it's been pretty 
constant) We were trying to get to an investigators 
house and we went down this shortcut road that doesn't 
get plowed, so we were trudging through probably 2 
feet of snow, it was awesome! We were able to 
teach this guy (20-24 y.o.) about the restoration 
and he seemed very interested! His name is Joseph 
just like Joseph Smith, and he had the same 
questions as Joseph S. too!! So we gave him a 
pamphlet and we're going to get back to him! 
This is very hard work, and it seems I usually 
don't get enough sleep at night though I sleep 
the whole night through, it'll take some getting 
used to:)But I love it!
That's all the exciting stuff that's happened so 
far! I’m loving it out here! It's the place I 
need to be!  Oh yeah and there are catholic 
churches around here like there are LDS churches 
in Orem, they're EVERYWHERE!!  
-Love Elder Serrano

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