Tuesday, March 9, 2010

695 Days Left

March 8, 2010
The weather is starting to turn around! The sun is finally shining!! It was out for probably an hour once I got here and then it was cloudy and snowy up until... probably Tuesday or Wednesday so it's nice!

I feel like I'm starting to feel a lot more comfortable with teaching! We're teaching this investigator Dawn still, (but we're going to set her with a date this Tuesday evening!!) and she's coming along very nicely! She attended church and said that she had a fantastic experience. The cool thing about that too, is that her boyfriend, Alfanzo, (coolestnameever!) is interested in the church too! He doesn't have a religious background, so we're starting with the very very basics of the gospel with him, he came to church and really enjoyed it, he said that he wants us to teach him more and he wants to continue coming to church. And sadly, the potential investigator Joseph we had to drop because he never answered our calls and was never home... :(

I went on my first companion exchanges on Wednesday! I was paired up with an Elder Ormesher from Idaho. He's an interesting fellow, but really cool and spiritual nonetheless. I was able to go on my first 'splits' too while I was on that exchange. We visited a less active man that never goes to church or accepts rides, but this time he did accept a ride to church which was way awesome! At the apartment I was staying at while on exchanges had so much food! And dried mangos! (that no one was eating so i took the giant bag with me :) delicious!)

Talking to people on the streets is something I'm improving on! it was kinda scary walking up to a stranger and talking to him or her about the gospel, but it's getting less scary and I'm better at it, but I have a lot further to go.

The people over here say a weird word: "Yinz"- it means "y'all" or "you guys". it's pretty funny to hear it said, because they have kind of a half-southern accent, it's great.

Well I think that's all that's been exciting going on! The work is going great! and I love it! :)

Elder Serrano

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