Monday, March 15, 2010

Johnstown Week 3

This week has been a very eventful week! We are still meeting with Dawn and Alfanzo, and guess what?? Dawn is going to be baptized!! :D We were giving her a lesson, and it so happened that I was talking when the Spirit so happened to say to me "It's time. Invite her to baptism." So I then proceeded to say the words I've practiced many many times at the MTC and here in the Mission Field. And lo and behold she said yes! She would love to! We got all excited and happy, we had her go and write down the day on her calendar, oh, it was so amazing! The day she's scheduled to be baptized is March 27th! It was so exciting! My very first baptismal invite was a success! Alfanzo on the other hand still needs some time, but he said he would be baptized as soon as he finds out and feels this is true, which he will. We're also teaching a couple that wants a "fool-proof plan" for a stronger spiritual foundation for their marriage/family AKA the gospel of Jesus Christ! So that's really cool!

I'm loving it out here, I just can't wait for all the trees to turn green, because there are billions of them!

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