Monday, March 22, 2010

Johnstown Week 4

The mission field is pretty exciting! Elder Zaleski and I held a
fireside last night for the youth in the church, and we talked about how
they could be missionaries too. The cool thing about it is that we're
promised that the Spirit will be there to speak the words with/for us
when we talk.

And knowing this gospel, and talking to other people about their beliefs
really makes me happy to know what I know. And it's a sad thing when
people don't want to listen because, what we have to say will clear up
confusion, and it really all makes sense!

Dawn is doing great! She's so pumped and ready for her baptism this
Saturday!! And so am I! She's totally ready.

This week we have been out tracting a lot and not finding a whole lot of
success. We have found a few that are willing to listen and say that we
can come back and then never come to the door or are gone, but that's
usually how it goes right? But we are teaching a boy that we found on
the street and wants to learn about Christ. His home life isn't the best
environment, but it's cool to come and teach him about The Restoration.
He's a good kid.

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