Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Pittsburgh Week 1

So guess where I am!!! I'm now officially serving in the South Side/ Mt.Washington area of Pittsburgh PA!!! I thought it was so cool that I am now serving in the City. It is way different than Johnstown. But I like it. And it turns out that my companion and I got "whitewashed" into the area where we're at. That means that they took the last 2 elders out and put 2 brand new elders into the area, that have no clue what's going on. So, both me and my companion don't know anything about the area. And on top of that, we're in a walking area and we get to figure out the buses! So we get to ride on buses and trains and stuff in order to get around. The Mission supplied us with bus passes so that's nice. It's really exhausting when we get back to the apartment at night and we're just beat because it's physically and mentally exhausting trying to get around and figure things out. It's insane! But the city is really cool! I really like it. And now I'm in the Oakland 7th ward!!! Yeah!! I'm back
in the 7th ward haha! The members here are really nice so it's great. It turns out that the elders that I'm with aren't bad at all. The mission took all of them out and either sent them home or put them somewhere else. So they cleaned out the bad ones and put in the good ones. That also means that we have to build up member support and trust again which really shouldn't be that hard.

Oh yeah, my companions name is Elder Boise Hurley! Yes his name is like the capitol of Idaho. And it's no joke. Anyway he's been out 3 months, and he's awesome and he's from California, Bakersfield area. We're
really kickin it off and having a great time. He is a little, well, less than excited we'll say about our area because it's walking and busing around everywhere, and because it's really hard to set up appointments
around bus schedules, so that's fun to figure out. Another great thing about this area is that there are a lot of missionaries around! So on p-days we get to hang out with the other elders and play b-ball or Frisbee or something where as in Johnstown the nearest elders were 45 minutes away. So it's pretty cool I like it.

We have an investigator named Norm ..... and he's going to be baptized probably next month he has 4 quadruplet sisters that are moving in from London, that's where he's from too, and they are all wanting to be
baptized as well, then to top things off his two children want to baptized as well!!!! So that'll end up as 7 baptisms here in the south side with in a couple months, so that'll be exciting!! It's way cool to be serving in the city! It's legit!!

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  1. I never served in the downtown parts, but the building for the 7th ward and the 1st ward is a pretty cool building, good luck in downtown, the south side is a pretty interesting part of pittsburgh, you will have lots of fun in it.