Thursday, August 26, 2010

Pittsburgh Week 2

I'm really starting to like it here, and Elder Hurley is getting used to it. He really didn't like it at first but I think he's coming to. Elder Hurley and I area getting along great! It's great! He's been out only 2.5 transfers but he's a great teacher, It's amazing. I really enjoy serving with him thus far, we're having a great time serving together.

This week went well for our finding efforts we actually found a new investigator! It's pretty exciting and he seem to have some good promise to him. His name is DeShawn. He's a great guy really looking for the truth and the right church to go to. He loves the bible and is open also to the Book of Mormon. So that's nice.  Our investigator, Norm Harper is coming along nicely too. The reason he didn't come to church this past week was that he went to the emergency room Sunday morning because he woke up with a bloody nose, and ears and also with high blood pressure, so he wasn't able to make it. We were able to visit with him Sunday evening and he was really sad that he couldn't make it to church and that his baptismal date is going to have to be pushed back a couple weeks too. So he does have a baptismal date, and he is progressing. Okay! And with Norm there are 2 scary things that happened to him while we've been teaching him, that have strengthened his testimony.
1. Last week He was walking home after an appointment we had with him in which we set him with a baptismal date. As he was walking home, he was pushed into an alley way by three guys, held up a gunpoint, and robbed. Luckily those guys didn't kill him because the cop that was getting the story from Norm said that he knows those guys who did it and they usually would have killed their victims. So he told us that and said that he was confident that the Lord was protecting him because he decided to be baptized! Testimony strengthener!!
2. It was the event that happened to him on Sunday morning. When he called us up to tell us why he wasn't at church, he said that the doctor told him that basically if he hadn't of started living the word of wisdom a couple weeks earlier, when that high blood pressure spike hit him, that it would have triggered a stroke and he would have died, because the caffeine in coffee and tea would have made his blood pressure triple. So that strengthened his testimony too!! He's a great guy and really progressing well!

I love serving here in the city, there are people everywhere and I love it! I can't wait to see the area start to flourish! It's great. We're really starting to see some blessings here in Southside. The area is starting to make sense now, and I'm starting to figure out the bus schedules well so that's a blessing! I never thought I would catch on so quickly! I love serving a mission and am honored to be out here, I love this gospel with all my heart and I know the church is true!!

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