Thursday, September 2, 2010

Pittsburgh Week 3

Things are going well, the city is way cool, even though we don't get to serve directly in the dowtown area, it is a great experience seeing a lot of different people! There are a lot of tourists that always ask us questions about where to go and what things are, but of course we have no idea haha! We always get to see the big city all the time though because of where we're at, we have a nice couple of look outs. It's pretty sweet! I love it!

DeShawn is progressing fine, we tried setting him with a baptismal date, it caught him a little off guard but he's really thinking about it now. He wasn't able to come to church this week due to some family emergency, but he said he'll for sure come next week. He's really awesome, I don't know if I already told you this but he said that he can always tell when someone is teaching false doctrines, like he gets a feeling that it's not right, and he told us that he hasn't gotten that feeling once while we've been teaching him. He also believes from our words that Joseph Smith was a prophet and the Book of Mormon is true, but he said that he wants to find out for himself that it's all true. He's intellectually converted, not spiritually... yet. :)

(I've found, so far on my mission, that there are 3 types of conversion that investigators need in gaining a true testimony of the gospel and staying. 1. Intellectual 2. Spiritual 3. Social [social meaning that they feel very comfortable at church and that they know that the people in the congregation live what they teach, and love
others] there may be more and i'm looking)

Norm Harper has a baptismal date for the 25 of September, and he's really preparing for it. His 4 sisters flew/moved in from England yesterday and we're pretty excited to meet them. They have been taking the lessons over in England and have been taught and gone to church numerous times. They said that they have a letter of recommendation from the branch president over in England that they are ready to be baptized!!!! Ah yeah!!! Of course Elder Hurley and I are going to go through the lessons with them, in review to make sure that they really are ready, and we'll go from there. And we could be having a baptism for all 4 of them coming up in a couple weeks or so!!!!!!!!

Being a DL isn't very hard in the area I'm in. Because I have a zone leader in my area I really don't have to call and follow up and get his weekly numbers with him and his companion, so all I have to call is the Sisters who are serving in downtown Pittsburgh. And that's really not hard because the sisters are always so perfect, and cause no trouble what so ever. It's probably because they're much more mature and are way more spiritual then elders, they're pretty much amazing. So DL here is pretty cool.

This week I had a couple of way long meetings that I went to. They were all about leadership and how we can become better leaders and how to help my district. All the zone leaders and district leaders from 4 or 5 zones were there. So that was intense. One day it went from 1pm-8:45 and the next day it went from 9am-5pm so they were mind-numbingly long, but!  I learned a lot of great things like how to properly invite people to do things. But other than that, my week has been okay. Long and tiring. But hey that's what comes with the job! :)

I love serving a mission and I love helping people change their lives, it's the most rewarding thing i've done as of yet in my life! The Church is true!!
Elder Serrano

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