Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Pittsburgh Week 7

It's so crazy people are growing up!! It's weird especially from the missionary stand point because I don't really realize how much stuff actually goes on, and keeps going even though you're not there watch it.

Well for the past couple days I've been pretty sick. Not horribly but still it's no fun being sick. I have a fever of 99.5 last time I checked but it's not too bad. It's no fun whatsoever being sick on the mission because you wanna go out and work but at the same time you know that you should probably stay home and rest for a bit so that you don't make yourself worse. Hopefully I'll have a quick recovery. :)

I am pretty excited for general conference though. I love it! It's cool, now that this is going to be my 2nd one on my mission that means I'll only have 2 left! Crazy!So some more exciting news from here in Pittsburgh. My trainer, Elder Zaleski is in my district!! He became the new zone leader here in Pittsburgh and he happens to be in my district, it's pretty cool. I hadn't seen him since he got transfered to Erie, PA, which was over 6 months ago. So it's pretty neat having him here. Elder Hurley is doing well, and we get along. Which is nice ya know? It would just be horrible if we didn't get along because we have another whole transfer to go together.

This past week we did really well with our teaching of the less actives, but sadly none of them came to church, and none of our investigators did either. Our one investigator Norm almost made it, but he got sick Sunday morning and canceled his ride that was supposed to come and pick him up. We're contemplating on dropping Norm, because he's no longer keeping his commitments outside of coming to church i.e. Word of Wisdom, Reading the Book of Mormon daily, etc. And it's been about 8 weeks that we've been meeting with him. Our investigator Baily had some family issue that she had to attend to over in State College, the city, this
weekend so we weren't able to meet with her or get her to church. We do, however have an appointment set with her this week in which we are planning on setting her with a baptismal date!! So that will be exciting! We have a new investigator and his name is Chase..... ., when we first met him he was at a really low point in his life, he got beat up, lost his job and his girlfriend, and was about to lose his co-signer for his college loans, and we were able to cheer him up and talk to him for a while. We soon came to find out that his mom and grandma are members of the church and so there's that connection there. We answered all of his questions and were able to spark some interest. We're excited to be able to teach him in the coming weeks! It's amazing how the Lord always puts people in the pathways of our travels and helps us know what to say to help them.

Elder Benjamin

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