Saturday, September 11, 2010

Pittsburgh Week 4

This week has been somewhat of an eventful week, I think... All these days keep mushing together and now I don't have my handy Missionary Daily planner with me right now to help me remember some of the things
that happened this week. (It's locked in the institute section of the church building, along with my camera so I can't send you any pictures...)

Okay, well let's see... Last Monday was p-day and it was alright, we went and did some e-mails downtown and a massive library, then went and got some University of  Pittsburgh shirts. Actually only Elder Hurley got one because he didn't have any cash to get the one he wanted so I gave him the money
I had, and told him that he had to take me out to Hard Rock Cafe in exchange. So we did. That place is so yummy and it's in our area! It's great.

Our investigator Norm didn't come to church...... again! It's getting kind of frustrating because he says he's coming every week and he has means of transportation but he never shows. He always has these excuses of why (hospital visits, sisters flying in late at night, ride didn't come and get him, and a sister almost killed herself due to their father passing away). It's almost to the point to where we want to give him the benefit of the doubt because they're all very valid and good reasons as to why he never came, but at the same time we've never met his sisters or gotten into any contact with them, and we've been trying and hounding Norm, so we don't know for a fact that they exist. It probably sounds harsh to you all back home that we are kind of skeptical about his excuses and situations but we've been working with him for almost 5 weeks now and things keep coming up. It's a tough situation, but we're going to have a good sit down talk with him next time we meet with him. So as of yet, we don't have any baptisms lined up. Which is too bad. But we do have a few more people that are new and seem promising. One, her name is Baily. she's really nice and really wants to learn about the church, we have a meeting scheduled with her for tonight so hopefully that will go through. DeShawn is
doing well.

Cool Experience of the Week:
It was Friday night and we get back to the apartment at around 8:15pm and we usually don't go out because it's dark and it can get a little sketchy around in these parts. But I put down my bag and looked on the
counter and saw a Book of Mormon with a pamphlet in it that I had set there a few days ago, and I had a strong impression that I needed to go out and give that to somebody. So I told Elder Hurley that we needed
to go and hand it out even though we had about a half hour left on the night. So we set out with only the one Book of Mormon and that pamphlet and a few cards in our pocket. As we are walking I see a man walking towards us and I talk to him, nothing, he's not interested and agnostic. So we keep walking until we get to a really busy street that has a lot of people on it and we get going down that. There are mostly couples up there that are all into each other having a romantic night on the lookout over Pittsburgh at night, so we skip them. Next we see a lone man walking down the street, perfect! We stop him and get talking to him! He was a very nice guy and listened to us! He had a lot of great thoughts and insights, and we just had a great discussion about prophets and modern day prophets! we gave him the Book of Mormon and challenged him to read and pray about it and he accepted and left on his way! It was amazing! Then as we were heading back to the house there was this man walking out of a liquor and pizza store and as he walked by us, he said, "Jehovah's!" (we get confused with jehovah's withnesses a lot) and so we stopped and corrected him, which later lead to a quick lesson that we taught to him, Eric, too! He was a very nice guy! Then once we got home 10 minutes later, Eric calls us! He said that he and his mom would be interested in coming to church with us and learning more about it! What an inspired night!!  Just goes to show that the Lord will bless you if you have a desire to

Elder Benjamin

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