Thursday, October 21, 2010

Pittsburgh Week 10

Okay so now for the update on our investigators:
Baily our investigator came to church here and is set with November the 13! She is so amazing and really is progressing in the gospel nicely. She is really working hard and striving to live the word of wisdom, the only thing is iced tea, but she'll get over it with the Lords help. I told her that that was a big hurdle for you too /(mom)/ but you got over it and I think that that gave her some more hope. She said that she really enjoyed church and the members did a great job of fellow shipping her and being friendly towards her which is really nice. She's the best! Hopefully I'll still be here to see her baptized, transfers are coming up on November 2nd. So we'll see.

And now with the situation with Norm. It turns out there are 2 people in the ward that recognized him at church, last week, that are from different areas. One was a sister who used to live in Philadelphia 6 years ago. And the other is from a Brother who was on a mission 10 years ago in California. And guess what, the brother who served a mission in California, BAPTIZED HIM THERE!! Except he was under a different name!! And the sister that recognized him was at his Baptism in Philadelphia when he was baptized into their YSA group!! So it's pretty evident that he's not who he says he is. He was under different identities as well during those 2 baptisms. And who knows how many other times he has been baptized that we don't know of. And for the time he was baptized in California he used the same story as he has with us except he had triplet sisters, and his mom died while they were meeting with him. This time he has quadruplet sisters and his dad died while we were meeting with him. So we don't know what's true with him. We tried meeting with him on Sunday with Bishop but he wasn't home. We did set up, however, an appointment to meet with him on Thursday evening. So we'll be getting this whole thing straightened out this Thursday and we'll know for sure what he's up to. Hopefully things will work out to a point where we can prevent this from happening again with him. So our investigator is not an investigator but a member who has been baptized many times before. So that's a crazy situation but a sweet mission story as well. Who knows maybe he'll disappear before we confront him.

This week was an okay week, I got sick again at the beginning of the week again, so that was a bummer, it was kind of a relapse of what I had a couple weeks ago. Except I had a splitting headache Monday through Friday. But I'm better now, although I do feel like my brain is still in a little fog due to all the sicknesses.

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