Sunday, October 17, 2010

Pittsburgh Week 9

Well this week was pretty much the same as the week back home {not much happening}, oh but wait.... NORM CAME TO CHURCH!!!!!!!! We finally got him out there. What we did, is we set up a ride to come and pick us up at his house, then we walked to his house and got him up and then waited for the ride. There was no way he was copping out on us this week! He said he had a great time and that he really loved the ward. It was so relieving to finally get him there after 9 weeks of trying! haha! But right now there has been some new information come up on who Norm really is. Yes, you may ask yourself, why would that have to come up on who Norm is? Right now we don't have all the facts, but next weeks letter, you will have quite the story to read coming from Pittsburgh! Yes, be excited. Also, Baily went to church out in Philipsburgh PA her home town!! She was there this weekend and was able to go.  She is still interested and loves the church. We taught her the Word of Wisdom in a coffee shop! She's living it. She's golden. We can't set her with a baptismal date yet because she needs to come to church here in Pittsburgh a few times. And because of her friend's health situation, we don't know when it'll improve, or end. We're thinking we should send the other elders over there to heal Baily's friend so that they both can come to church and be baptized!!! that would work.

Anyway other than that there really hasn't been much going on over here in the South side. And sorry I don't have any cool stories for this weeks, but next weeks edition will be great I promise! We are really really trying to find new investigators but it's really hard for some reason. It seems no one wants to learn... but it's okay. We'll find those that are searching!

Elder Benjamin Serrano

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