Sunday, June 5, 2011

Avalon Week 23

May 23, 2011

Things are going great out here! I'm having a blast serving with Elder Taylor and Elder Willmore.

This week for us was an alright week. We were able to teach all of our investigators, but sadly this week we weren't able to find any new investigators. This is a first for a long time for us so it was a little disappointing. We do however have a few awesome appointments set up for this week that we are really looking forward to.

David Kraus is doing great! He attended the Singles ward yesterday and he really enjoyed it. He said that he feels like he should be down there but really likes the 4th ward. We determined that his records would be moved down to the singles ward and he would attend the 4th ward once a month to keep in contact with all of his friends in the church. He is such an awesome new convert and we are teaching him a little about the priesthood now to prepare him. He's such a great friend of mine! Jeremy Crippin is doing great as well and he's preparing for the priesthood as well. I absolutely love serving in this area.

So next Tuesday is transfer day. And I am pretty sure that I will be getting transferred. I've been here for almost 6 month and with Elder Taylor for nearly 4.5. So I'm guessing my time is almost up for being in
Avalon. But hey I'm excited to go to another area and have a great time there!

Have a great week!

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