Sunday, June 5, 2011

Avalon Week 22

May 16, 2011

David Kraus got baptized and confirmed!!! He has such a strong testimony and is such a great young man! The baptism went well, well, we had to baptize him 3 times because his elbow kept sticking out of the water but he eventually got it. :) It was such a wonderful experience. Our awesome ward mission leader baptized him, and I was able to confirm him a member of the church. It was amazing. Actually, a lady in the ward said that that was the best confirmation she's ever heard a missionary do, but I don't attribute it to myself. I feel that the Spirit was there to prompt my thought and words. He's way excited to be a member of the church and hopes to share it with his family. His sister actually came to the baptism. She was a little confused at a few points but David was actually able to answer her questions. He's such a stud. Here are the pictures on the e-mail. Again, I love it when friends get baptized. He also expressed that he would like to go out with us some time to help teach! He will go far in the gospel I just know it.

Jeremy Crippin talked to the bishop this past weekend and the bishop feels that he should wait a few more weeks to get the priesthood just so he can prepare for that responsibility. He said that he (jeremy) didn't
know too much about what it was so it makes sense that he would wait to do so. So It'll be in June some time and then his kids will be baptized that time too. So that's exciting to hear but I'm a little bummed because I'll most likely be transferred before then.

Right now I am in a 3 some companionship again! Do you remember on Sunday that I was in Butler and the one missionary that was probably going to go home? Well he didn't get sent home and he's actually staying with us until the end of the month/transfer. He's a great guy and seems fully repentant for his disobedience and is really motivated to be completely and exactly obedient. He's really fun to be around so Elder Taylor and I are enjoying his aid, and companionship. His name is Elder Willmore from Orem Utah! He went to Orem High School so we're blood enemies. Just kidding. We're good buddies :)

Well that's about it for this week I had an awesome week and I totally felt the Spirit on many many occasions this week. I love it! I love being a missionary!

Elder Serrano

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