Sunday, June 5, 2011

Avalon Week 24

Hello Everybody!!

Sorry but this Monday the libraries are closed so I'm currently at the Mac Store in the mall doing my e-mail. so I gotta make this quick before I get kicked out of here.... just kidding!

Well I'm getting transferred! I'm getting ousted after my 6 month spree here in Wexford. I absolutely loved this area and had so many good experiences. I feel so blessed to be able to have gotten to know the people I know and to teach the people I taught. This area has probably been the best and favorite on my mission so far, even though it's only been the third. The ward was absolutely awesome! The area was great! There was everything you could ask for in this area and all classes of life. It has been a great experience. Elder Taylor is staying in the area. Elder Willmore is getting transferred with me. I'm still staying a Zone leader, and I really look forward to my next area! All the Zone leaders are great.

David Kraus is doing awesome! Same with Jeremy. Hao (How) Gu (goo) is doing awesome! Did I tell you about him? He's a Chinese man with NO religious background. He came to church and I think he had a good time. He really doesn't show much emotion but he thanked me for the help for him and his family. He'll be baptized eventually. I'm sure that it won't be too soon but eventually. 

I feel that my testimony has grown so much in this area, and my desire to do what is right. I love the gospel and the knowledge it brings to our lives. This has been the best decision of my life. I love you all and I miss you too! I'll let you know of my address as soon as possible for my new area! Have a great week! I enjoyed reading your letters!

Elder Benjamin Serrano

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