Sunday, July 17, 2011

Harrisburg Week 5

Happy Independence day (Yesterday)!!!! The New mission president is so awesome!! I had the opportunity to be able to meet him on Friday for our Zone Leader Council over in Pittsburgh! Yes, I had to endure another 4 hour drive back over. It'll be a monthly thing as long as I'm a ZL, and as long as I'm over in HBG. But it's fun because it's a beautiful drive, and it's a time where I can just relax :) You don't get too many of those opportunities on the mission. President Topham will be, and is, a great mission president! I'm so excited to be able to work with him. And guess what? He didn't serve a mission when he was a young man, he just got married right out of HS! But he told us when he spoke to Elder Anderson of the Twelve, and President Eyring (yeah, cool I know) the it wasn't that important that he didn't because the form and style of missionary work the he would have performed, is much different nowadays. During his training in the MTC, Elder Perry said to all the mission presidents, that they needed to take the way of missionary work that they had learned during their missions and to put it in the back of a drawer, close it, lock it with a key, and throw away the key. Pres. Topham is a very spiritual man and has a great vision of the future of this mission. It's been a great transition. And No, there haven't been any rule changes.... yet. :)

The missionary work is going pretty good so far! This past Sunday our investigators Jim and Elizabeth S...... came to church when they said that they weren't able to make it! So that threw us for a loop and caught us off guard. But all went well. They stayed for all 3 meetings and seemed to enjoy it. Elizabeth, I think, bonded well with the sisters of the ward because she has an 11 month old baby girl, and of course, there are lots of mothers with children here. We were able to find a couple new investigators this week which is awesome! We're very excited that the Lord is blessing us with people to teach. And when we go finding, we find.

This 4th of July was a pretty good one! In order to ensure the safety of all the missionaries in the mission, we were instructed that we needed to be in our apartments by 6pm. And guess what? P-day is from 10am to 6pm! So we practically got the "day off" haha! It was fun. We met up with the walking elders here in Hbg, and went to Walmart, bought all the things necessary to have a grill out session, and we grilled! Last weekend we were able to obtain a grill for free from someone who was having a garage sale. So all we needed was charcoal, and a new grate for the grill. So we were also given a couple gift cards to Walmart so we were able to obtain needed things at minimal costs! We had grilled burgers, chicken, and pineapple! IT was great! The only thing was that a couple pieces of the chicken was a little undercooked... not raw, but undercooked. Everyone is healthy today so I have no worries about it.

There are some pretty exciting things going on back home! Steve is now an Elder, Mel is going in for surgery, Steve will soon be getting his mission call! I am pretty sure that I'll be able to call home when he get's his mission call. I know that President Summerhays allowed it, I guess I'll have to ask President Topham and see what his take on it will be. I sure hope that I'll be able to. I think what will have to happen if I get to call, you'll have to call me the day it comes in, and then call before he opens it. That would be best. But, we'll see what President Topham says.

It was great to hear from you today! I love you Mom! Have a great week! I look forward to hearing from you next week!


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