Sunday, July 17, 2011

Harrisburg Weeks 3 & 4

 Life in Harrisburg is pretty awesome! It is so pretty out here, I will send a couple pictures.  The people here are really nice and the areas I cover are nice too! The Ward is great! Not as awesome as the last one I was in, but who's comparing? There are walking Elders that cover downtown HBG and they live real close and often times we have to give them a ride, which is okay but it tends to take up our time some days too. Which I don't like. Anyway, I love it here! There are so many fireflies!!! The other day we were driving through a farmy part of our area and we looked out over the fields and there were thousands of them all lighting up and flashing! It was incredible!! I love it!
We had an investigator come to church for the first time yesterday! Her name is Danesha H..... and she seems really committed! Her husband isn't really interested but he is supportive of her investigating. We'll get him to come one day! He's a really good guy. I think that Danesha will progress nicely, we have another appointment with her this coming weekend.

So I wrote this big long letter just barely and was working on it for the past 30 minutes then all of the sudden, right before I clicked the save as a draft button the computer ended my session and kicked me out! Therefore I lost a huge long letter. Anyway so I'll try to get all the important parts in it.

So this week was a long and tiresome week. The main thing that made it so tiresome is because I did a lot of driving. There was a missionary that had to go home due to some medical problems (he had a herniated disk in is back. Painful.) so Elder Killpack and I had to drive a long way to pick him up then take him to the airport the next day. This
happend from Thursday to Friday. Anyway, I never realized how tiring driving actually is. It's crazy! So for a lack of better words, I was completely pooped by Saturday and Sunday. I fell asleep in elders quorum, and then had a massive twitch which woke me up and caused a few pairs of eyes to fall on me. It was funny!

We found a great young couple tracting! They are awesome! Their names are Jim and Elizabeth S....... They are currently baptists and we have a few things to overcome with them, but they are open nonetheless, and somewhat hardheaded. But the power of the Book of Mormon, if they read it, will soften their hearts on a few points of the gospel.

President Topham is officially my new mission president today! He flies in and once he and President Summerhays look at eachother in the eyes, the keys of the mission go directly to President Topham. I'm pretty excited to meet him this weekend at Zone leader Council!

Hershey world was pretty good. It smelled wonderful! The tour was a nice, a little kiddish but hey, It's the experience. Then I bought some Extra Long Twizzlers! They measured at 18"! It was awesome!

All in all this week was great! I love you and I hope you have a great week this coming week!


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