Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Johnstown Week 12

We still in a mad finding stage, our teaching pool has pretty much depleted and we are searching for some new investigators. We did find this cool old guy that is in a motor scooter wheelchair, his legs don't work. Anyway, we are helping him restore this really old house he bought for $200 and in turn we are going to teach him too! So hopefully one day we can baptize him! But that's about it in us finding people to teach.

Oh! here's a funny story that happened to me yesterday: When we were out knocking on doors, it was my turn to take the lead on the particular door. When the lady answered the door she asked who we were, we told her
that we were missionaries that relayed a "message about the Gospel of Jesus Christ... that brings families closer together." Then I saw her daughter that had long curly black hair looking through the window right next to the door smiling and laughing, then the lady smiled at her daughter. So I commented and said "It looks like you already have a great relationship with your daughter." then she said, "oh, I don't have to worry about that, because 'she' is a boy." ........Oh noooooo!! No coming back from that one!! So we bid each other a good day and left. Once we left the porch my companion and I started laughing! Elder Page thought he was a she too! Any way, that was exciting and fun.

I'm having a great time, it's experiences like those that make the mission just a great experience.

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