Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Johnstown Week 13

This week has been pretty good! We had some great lessons that we've taught and a couple new investigators!! Hooray! One of our new ones, her name is Paris, she is probably in her early 20's and was really searching for
the right church to join, and she feels that we were an answer to her prayers! A lot of the investigators and people we find to teach have the same story as Joseph Smith, it's amazing! Anyway, she we knocked on her
door and she invited us in right away after we introduced ourselves. We sat down and taught her about the Restoration of the Gospel and she loved it and invited us back! We've taught her a couple times now and
look forward to tomorrow when we get to teach her again in the morning. She's really awesome!

Another new investigator that we have, her name is Jennifer. We had a really good lesson with her! We invited Dawn to come along with us to teach her because we thought that they would get along just great, and it turns out they did! She's really awesome and wants to turn her life around, all she needs to do is come to church.

Serving a mission is awesome, there are so many crazy things that we go through (Like tracting in the pouring rain, and fighting off drunks) that really help strengthen testimonies and help us to realize why we do what we do. This week has been great!

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