Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Johnstown Week 10

It's been raining like crazy out here! Which ends up making it super humid!! Oh my goodness! All my clothes basically stick to me because it's so humid, I basically don't have to drink any water because just breathing will suffice. No joke. It's crazy how that works.

So Yadiah is going to be baptized this coming Saturday, May 8th!!! She's totally ready and prepared! And guess who she asked to baptize her?? Me! Wow, what an honor! This will be my first baptismal ordinace I perform where I'm doing the baptizing for a living person for herself! (make sense?) Hopefully all that practice at the Temple will pay off ;) I'm so excited! We're getting everything ready for her and I think that everything should go smoothly, we're seeing her a couple more times this week to make sure she's doing alright! It's going to be great! Keep praying for her!

Our other investigator Alphonso is doing good, we're still working with him, and making sure he's doing this for himself and not for Dawn so hopefully things will go well there!!

So a cool thing that happened to me this week! We got a letter in the mail saying that a Zane ---- wanted a copy of the Book of Mormon, so when we went to give it to him he wasn't home so we decided to tract the
street, and this really old couple let us in to talk to them for a second and we saw this little kid standing outside their house waiting. We thought he was waiting for us to be done talking to them so that he could talk to the old people about cutting their grass and what not. So when we walked outside, the kid called out, Elders! and we were like, what?? haha It turns out this 14 y.o. was Zane ----!! And he started asking us about the church and how he was looking for truth and the first word that popped into his head was the word "Mormon" so he
researched about the Book of Mormon and knew a lot about the church!! IT was so cool to find a boy the same age as Joseph Smith who was looking for truth just like him! Incredible!! Hopefully we'll be able to teach him some more, because that one time we met we didn't have enough time because we had an appointment to get to, but it was so cool!

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