Monday, April 26, 2010

Johnstown Week 9

This week was pretty good! The weather was absolutely crazy and has been for a couple weeks now! Last Friday, there was a microburst here! The wind and the rain were so crazy!! There were winds in Johnstown that got up to 80mph!! That wind blew over so many trees and knocked down so many power lines! There were trees that were 3+ feet in diameter that were blown over! Dumpsters were being tossed around like paper! The rain was epically intese too! We weren't in Johnstown at the time of the immaculate winds but where we were at, it took 3 seconds for us too look like we had just jumped in to a swimming pool, I kid you not, the rain was that intense! I loved it!! haha the rain was so much fun, weird I know, but I was laughing and smiling the whole time! And just yesterday we got a ton of rain and marble sized hail! That was fun too! but the down part to all of this was it really put a damper on the work and the plans we had to walk around and find people on the street because everyone ran for cover.

We were able to get in contact with a media referral (where someone calls SLC and asks them for something, i.e. a Book of Mormon, a Bible, a particular DVD, or a missionary visit) and she's really cool, she wants to find truth and find more happiness!! We have a return visit on Tuesday, her name is Jennifer. She's a really nice lady!

Our investigator Yadiah has a baptismal date set for May 8th!!! She's really progressing in learning and wanting to learn more about the Gospel. We talked to her parents and they said that as long as she knows
what she's doing, they are alright with it! so that's moving along nicely! Alphonso(correct spelling) said that he wants to be baptized within a few weeks or so, but we still have a few complications that arose that we have to work out with him, so keep praying for them and that things will work out! They're such good people and they deserve this truth! Other than that we're still looking and searching for those that are doing the same.

The other night Elder Page and I were tracting along this street and we happened to stumble upon these apartment complexes that we had no clue existed!! So we looked at them and chose a row of apartments that we would try, and as we were walking along we looked at this door and it happened to have that famous LDS picture of Christ on it! So were HAD to knock on it! When this short lady answered the door, she exclaimed, OH! Elders! My goodness, how you know I live here? Come in Come in! We soon found out that she was a less-active Philippino lady!! She let us right in and showed us the pictures of all the elders that she had known that were living in Johnstown throughout the years. Her name is Sis.Foster. She's so awesome and is probably going to feed us this Thursday! It's so great how we were led to this wonderful lady and were
able to get back into contact with her, and hopefully get her a ride so she can come to church!

Well that's pretty much it and all that's happened within this week. Missionary work is the best, and continue to look for opportunities to share the gospel!!

Elder Benjamin Serrano

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