Friday, April 23, 2010

Johnstown Week 8

The weather out here is beginning to look up! It wasn't this past weekend because it SnoweD!!! Weird... but the trees are FINALLY starting to turn green, and it looks so amazing! I can't wait for them to finally get all green and pretty around here. That's when people are out on the streets and we can talk to them easier.

My new companion, Elder Page, is great! He's a fantastic missionary! He's so good at teaching, it's unreal. I hope that I'll be as good and as natural of a teacher as he is one of these days. I love serving with him, it's a lot of fun!

We got a whole new district basically! Everyone in the different areas in the district got a new companion so there are 3 new elders to the district, and they all are fun great guys. One Elder, Elder Poston is a major music man!! More so than me! He is an organist and is very good at it, and is fantastic at arranging stuff on the organ and piano. His goal is to be the conductor of MOTAB one of these days. And believe me he could do it! He's awesome, the new district is awesome!

Our investigators are coming along nicely.  Our investigator Yadiah is totally solid!! She's learning and learning and learning! and she understands and wants to live the commandments!! She basically already has throughout her life and has been encouraging others to do so also! Such as living the Word of Wisdom, she was telling her friends to not smoke or drink or anything of the such before we even taught her about the Word of Wisdom. She's going to baptized on May 1st or May 8th, either one, depending on if she's stuck in Delaware this weekend. But she's going to be baptized for sure!!

I cannot believe that Steve (Boles) is coming home ALREADY!! That's so insane that it's already been two years since he's been gone! Now he's back! Wow, it's incredible!

Other than what's been said I can't think of any other stuffs that been happening on the exciting end of things, but the work is going good and I am truly having a fantastic time out here spreading the gospel to those who are searching for true and everlasting happiness! To be that bringer of said message is an honor.

Elder Benjamin Serrano

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