Monday, April 5, 2010

Johnstown Week 6

Happy Easter!! This week was Nice! The weather was totally awesome! But I think it got hot too fast! Riding bikes in the heat isn't so fun.. But that's what we had to do! I got a little tan but it's the "Missionary Collar" tan, which is cool I guess.  This week is transfers week and sadly, Elder Zaleski is getting transferred to somewhere. Elder Zaleski is a rockin missionary and he's taught me so much, but the Lord needs him elsewhere. I'm remaining in Johnstown, and another elder (apparently the elder joining me used to be a zone leader, so this'll be fun :) ) will be joining up with me on Tuesday afternoon.

Wasn't this conference amazing? I thought so! I learned so much from this one, I don't even know where to begin! Being a Missionary, you really learn and get a lot more out of conference than when you're at home hangin' out. I thought that there were a few common themes throughout this whole conference weekend pertaining to talks: Patience through trials; Parents teaching their kids and raising them in righteousness; and remembering Christ and living His gospel. I think that patience was my favorite topic talked about. Especially the one by President Uchtdorf! I think it may have been at the afternoon one, or the priesthood session, but it was incredible! And perfectly applicable to Missionary work. We need to be more patient with people, because, think of how patient our Heavenly Father is to us when we, who know better, make mistakes. And I think patience is really one of those Christlike attributes that is really key for anyone and everyone needs to have.

We had Jay and Manda come and watch conference at the church building, they thought it was so awesome because the session they went to (Saturday afternoon) was really focused on families and raising kids in righteousness. They really enjoyed that, because that's what they want with their family that they want to raise. They're doing great! They're awesome. 

We found a few promising people this week that seem interested in listening and learning more. This one lady, "Cozy", (that's what she told us to call her) is one of them. We talked to her son a couple weeks ago and told him about the restored gospel and said that we could come by and talk to him and his mom. When we arrived at the appointment, his mom let us in and told us that if we could get her son to invite us back and talk about religious stuff, then there had to be something good or divine that influenced him to invite us, because he isn't a very religious person. So that was totally cool! and she seemed to really like and understand well the things that we were teaching her. It's amazing how the Lord works and prepares people and families to receive this wonderful message about the restored gospel, I absolutely love it!  The work is going amazing and I love it! The church is true! I've received an edifying testimony of that as I've been out here seeing all the many churches that are here in Johnstown.  I know this is God's true and living church once again established on the earth through a prophet of God!

Elder Benjamin Serrano

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