Monday, April 12, 2010

Johnstown Week 7

I'm doing well now! Earlier this week, I did get sick... I got some kind of flu virus that's going around. It was no fun especially since it was the last few days with Elder Zaleski and we didn't get to do anything, or with Elder Page (my new companion). Then he got sick after me so we didn't really get out to do much this week which is a shame... It really put a damper on the momentum we had last transfer, but we're back on the rise!

Elder Page is a really cool elder! He's from Provo and he's been out on his mission for almost 22 months so I'm going to be his last companion. The word around here says that I'll be staying in Johnstown for a while... Because I'll stay with Elder Page until he leaves.

So this week was really uneventful. Just getting sick, and trying really hard to find some new people to teach.  Oh, I twisted my ankle too so I have to wear my ankle brace! (ha ha good thing I brought it!) But don't worry I'll be fine! I've gone through worse!

The investigators that we do have they are all doing well!  Alfanzo realized that you didn't have to be perfect to be baptized so he's going to pray to find out when he wants or feels ready to be baptized. Our investigators Jay and Manda are doing alright. We have another investigator, Yadia (pronounced Wi-dee-uh), she's 15 and a friend of one of the member girls in the ward, she's totally solid and has a baptismal date for May 1st! All these people are so solid and are going to baptized, so please pray for them, and for things to go smoothly!

Being out here has strengthened my testimony 10 fold already, I love it! I've found that the scriptures are a true source of happiness and peace in a busy day, and reading them in the morning really sets the day off
right. The Scriptures are true! The Church is true! Thomas S. Monson is God's mouth piece today, truly he is!
Thank you for all the prayers and love you send over this way!

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