Saturday, June 5, 2010

Johnstown Week 14

This week there were interviews, So I got to speak with the Mission President one on one which was pretty cool because he told me that even though I'm the junior companion that I need to be starting to do 70% of the work in preparation for me being Senior Companion this coming transfer! Senior Companion already! And training! me? at 4 1/2 months, it's pretty awesome so pretty much Elder Page is going to be super lazy when it get's to be to the last two weeks of the transfer because he'll be going home and I'll be doing all the work. It'll be good though, because President told me to do that. So it basically gives my companion an OK to be trunky (trunky= super ready and dying to go home, the term trunk is pertaining to putting all your stuff in a trunk of suitcase and just getting ready to go home) So that's exciting!

But what's even more exciting is we met a couple, that is really interested in the church! Their names are Nicole and Chris and they are really solid! We met them on the street and they invited us back and are asking us a ton of questions about everything and some really deep doctrine things too! It's great, as a missionary, you absolutely love it when you get an investigator that asks a ton of questions and wants to learn a lot. Another great thing about them too is that they don't really have any much of a religious background so we're starting off with a clean slate with them only to build them up with the truth and nothing but the truth. We taught them 3 times last week which is really uncommon, usually you get into teach once or twice if you're lucky, but three times! wow, they are amazing. The only problem with them is that they aren't married..... but the have 2 kids too! They'll get married soon though, hopefully we got them talking about it because we mentioned that they would have to be married to be baptized so, that'll be interesting to see what happens, they seemed open to the idea though! which is good. Our other investigators aren't progressing as well, but
they are still wanting us over to teach, the only problem is that they aren't coming to church! They have to come at least 3 times in order to be baptized, so that's the real hold up! oh well things are going good nonetheless.

Hmmm,... what else.... Oh yeah, we were visiting this less active man and he has been having some really bad back problems and he asked us to do something for him... do the dishes!! of course we said yes because we're missionaries and we help out people as best as we can. Anyway, when we got there, (there were 2 other missionaries with us) and there was a sea of dishes that had old crusty food fused to them and "the
stink was great thereof"! Oh man that was a bad idea... my hands were all prunny and greasy plus while the other 3 missionaries were cleaning dishes (we took shifts, that's how immense it was) I was talking to the
man and he told me.....(edited because of TMI, ask the Elder when he gets home). Gnasty....

I think that's pretty much all that happened that was exciting or interesting, if I think of anything else more I'll let you know next week.

Elder Benjamin

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