Thursday, June 17, 2010

Johnstown Week 16

So there are a few awesome things that happened this week.

First off, our investigators Chris and Nicole are doing fantastic! They still continue to learn and to grow, it's amazing! They were supposed to come to Stake Conference but they couldn't... The stake center is in a city called Altoona, and that's about 50 minutes away from Johnstown. So we had a ride arranged for them to get up there, and when we got to their house it turns out that his son had to go to the hospital and have some kind of respiratory examination because he was really sick so they couldn't come, but next week they will be able to! Finally!

Our other investigator Paris is doing great, she is very excited and feels that this is the right path for her, the one true church! She told us that and we were very excited! The only problem that's in the way of her being baptized is.... marriage! It's been the common thing, but her and her boyfriend are engaged, she has a ring and all, they just need to buckle down and get it done! It seems like that's the common thing that's a problem lately. But other than that they are doing great!

Stake conference was amazing! We had a member of the seventy come to speak to us and guess who it was..... Elder Richard G. _HINCKLEY_! Before the Saturday sessions started, Elder Page and I were talking to a branch president and then we heard this, "hello elders." and we turn and there was a man that looked just like Pres. Hinckley looking at us right in the face! It totally caught us off guard! It was so cool! We got to shake his hand and he conversed with us for a little bit and then went on his way. Wow. I swear he was glowing. When the meeting began, and when it was his turn to speak he got up and from where I was sitting he looked and sounded just like his dad! It was incredible. And his humor was just the same too! He told many stories about his dad, one in particular was about a time where Pres. Hinckley was in the temple after
the sealing he performed for his last grand child. Pres. Hinckley was saying a few words to the people there and he stopped and thought for a second. Then he said, "I have sealed together all 6 of my children and all 23 of my grandchildren. I think that is the finest thing that I have ever done. I have sealed together my posterity." That's so amazing to see how important his family was to the prophet. It was more important to him than building more temples than any other prophet has. That was a very special thing that he shared. It was so amazing to hear him speak.

On the Sunday morning session, Dawn ... was able to come! There was a special meeting that was held for recent converts to the church and investigators in which Elder Hinckley would preside and speak to them.
After the meeting our mission president, who was there also, came up and met Dawn and was talking to her (he really wanted to meet her because we have said so much about her to him) then up walks Elder Hinckley and meets her too! He asks her name and how long she's been a member and gets to know her too! It was so cool, but not the coolest part. When Elder Hinckley got up to speak, he said, "I would like to invite someone to come up and share their testimony. Sis. Dawn ....., will you come up and share your story with us?" That totally caught us and Dawn off guard! She got up FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME and gave her testimony! So the very first testimony she gave was at stake conference, by unexpected invitation by Elder Hinckley. She did a fantastic job too! She's just amazing! I love the leadership of the church and am very grateful that we have Prophets, apostles, seventy: Special witness of Christ here to be able to guide us through this crazy time in our lives.

I love serving and being able to serve the Lord in doing this Great work.

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  1. YEA! What a wonderful story! What an amazing experience for Elder Serrano!