Monday, June 28, 2010

Johnstown Week 18

My week wasn't the most exciting week we've had but it sure was a good one! Just kidding, it was a great week! Particularly this past weekend! It was Thunder in the Valley!! What is that you ask? Thunder in the
Valley is this ginormous motorcycle rally that they have here in downtown Johnstown! There were probably 50,000 bikes (mostly obnoxiously annoying Harleys that sounded like a bomb was going off or gun shots)
lining the streets, filling parking lots, and riding around. It was crazy!..,,. We went down there to see if there was a chance that we could talk to a few people about the gospel, but it was impossible with all the loud music, loud motorcycles, loud people, and alcohol! So accepting the fact that we couldn't talk to anyone, we bought a t-shirt and then walked around for a little bit looking at all the bikes. There were some pretty sweet ones there, not gonna lie. The bad part about it was we live downtown and the motorcycles love to circle around the block where our apartment is at, and the worst part is, there is a stop light right next to us, and it takes FOREVER!! Well it seems like that at 2 in the morning when there are 10 Harleys outside all revving their engines. Ear plugs helped, but only a little. So that was cool.

Other than that, it was Elder Page's last week, so we spent a lot of the time visiting members that he liked, teaching them, and taking pictures with them. That was fun! We got to have dinner with Alphonso and Dawn.
Alphonso is doing fantastic! He has changed so much it's incredible! He's changing the music he's listening to, the way he talks, the way he acts, dresses, and even the friends he has on facebook! I love seeing the changes in people, it makes what we do all worth it! All the doors that are slammed in our faces, all the things people yell at us, they all don't mean anything, and they don't matter, because once you see that change in someone's life and how happy they become because of the gospel, makes eveything worth it. And we're looking forward with Paris for her baptismal date of the 24th of July!! We talked to her and she has expressed her desire to be baptized and it's very exciting! Hopefully everything will go well! Continue to pray for her, and for us so that we can progress.

Elder Serrano

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