Sunday, January 8, 2012

State College Week 12

So this week was awesome! I had a great birthday. On my birthday, we taught Fei, emailed, then went out to get some Wings for lunch! They were way good! There is this awesome hole-in-the-wall pizza place that we go, and it is sooooo amazing! Everything they serve is delicious, and reasonably priced. And yes we did buy a cake and use the candles. I actually forgot about the poppers, so we used them on New Years eve when we celebrated the new years as if we were in Iceland, (basically we popped them at 10pm instead of staying up to 12). The week was a good week! We did find a new investigator named Chris W....s, who called our bishop here and said that he wanted to get his life in order. So we met with him, and in the first lesson we invited him to be baptized and he accepted! So he has the baptismal date of Feb. 18. We're very excited for him! Heather is doing great as well! She is really excited to get baptized in a couple weeks. She's such a great lady, and her husband Brendon is doing great too! From the insights he gives in lessons you would think that he has been active his whole life. I love them!
I was able to talk to Elder Serrano the younger on Saturday. That was so awesome! We only had 8 minutes, but it was very worth it. He sounded way excited and nervous too. He's going to be an awesome missionary! I'm very excited for him.
Elder Serrano the elder

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