Sunday, January 29, 2012

State College Week 15

I'm glad there was a little snow! We got a lot of snow this past weekend, but right now it's raining so I expect all the snow to be gone tonight and turned into ice. It'll be crazy!

Heather's baptism went very well, and exceptionally smooth. Because of the snow I was a little worried that it would snow too much that people wouldn't be able to make it to the church, especially Heather, and we would have to postpone the baptism. But, the Lord heard the humble prayer of a missionary, and I'm sure, many other people, and He slowed, and stopped the snow by 10 am so there were 3 hours in which roads could be cleared and salted. It was a wonderful blessing. Brenden's less-active parents came up to the baptism and helped out in the program. It was a wonderful thing to see them there and hopefully to have them feel the Spirit there. Bro. Heidrich gave a talk, and Sis. Heidrich played the organ. She only needed to be baptized once! Elder Mason did a good job at it. She was confirmed yesterday, and she definitely was glowing. I'll forward you the pictures that Brenden sent me. What a happy day!!!! I love it when friends get baptized. :)

My finger is doing good! The scab is gone and is turning into a scar. It was a quick healing!

Right now I'm not too sure on  how Chris is doing. He actually went into a de-tox unit, outside of our area, last Thursday to completely flush out the toxin in his body. He's gone through it before and says that the first few days are really rough, but it's so worth it. We look forward to hearing from him again in a few days and then teaching him some more. He's a great guy. And I pray he's enduring well.

This week went by pretty fast which scared me a little bit. Oh, and this week I got my travel itinerary and instruction for luggage weight. That was strange. I can't believe it's actually happening! But it's okay. It's a good thing. I love being a missionary and witnessing the miracle that come from God. I love teaching the gospel to others, and helping them come closer to Christ. I have loved all the many experiences that taught me and strengthened my testimony. And I will continue to work until the end of my mission, but  I am excited for
the next chapter of my life and what that will bring, or rather, what I will help bring to pass.  The gospel it true. The Church is true and always will be, so says the Lord.

Elder B. Serrano
Elder Serrano, Heather, Elder Mason

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