Saturday, January 21, 2012

State College Week 14

So this morning I sliced my middle finger open with a knife so It's a little difficult to type, so forgive the length, and probably the spelling errors that come from trying to type with only four digits on a hand. It was bleeding pretty badly so I had to raise it above my head and apply pressure, until it slowed down. It turns out that
scouting and the first-aid merit badge paid off! Hopefully the makeshift bandage will work: gauze and duct tape. It looks kinda silly but hey it's all I had.

Heather is so ready to get baptized!!! She's very excited about it and so am I! We have everything all arranged and she should be good to go. All she needs right now is the baptismal interview and she get the
okay. Golden!!!!!

We got some word on Fei. He texted us and said that he was going to be busy for the next 2 weeks and then he wanted to meet with us and return the white shirt and ties I gave him, so that basically means he's done meeting with us... He probably got Anti-ed while at that conference in DC. Which is a huge bummer! Maybe one day something will happen.

Chris is doing great! We were able to meet with him two times this week and teach him. He's been improving on quitting smoking and drinking, which is awesome! And he went to an addiction recovery group last night that some people in the church put on. We haven't heard from him yet but I'm sure it was a good experience. He's doing well though!

This weeks topic for my studies that seemed to be common, is how awesome missionary work is! I read 3 sections in the Doctrine and Covenants that were just amazing to pump up a missionary: Sections 30-32. They are amazing in that the Lord gives words of advice, commandment, and comfort to missionaries. I loved it! I love the Work. It truly is marvelous. And I am sad that it is coming to an end soon. But That's okay, life goes on. :)

Elder Benjamin

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