Saturday, January 1, 2011

Avalon Week 1

Holy Smokes Christmas is on Saturday! And I get to talk to you! I remember back in May that I was thinking that it was going to take forever to get to December so that I could talk to you all again! But to be honest I can't really believe how fast that went by, it's crazy!

Yeah so serving as a Zone Leader. It's pretty cool! My companion Elder Lee is great. He's an awesome missionary and we get along really well! It's a total relief, I'll tell ya what! And yeah Wexford really isn't that far from the outhside. I pulled out my mission map to outline the boundaries of my area and I was like, woah, I really didn't go that far! haha! I just went to the neighboring zone, it was pretty funny. Yeah, there's totally a Steeler (Chris Hoke #76) in my ward here. Although since it's during the season we hardly see him around because he's so busy with practices and what not. And about watching practices on p-day, that would have had to happen when I was in the Southside... Their practice field is in that area. It's a bummer because I never got to go there and see it! oh well. Maybe sometime in the future. I think I'm just going to talk about Zone leader stuff when you call, then I'll have more of a solid understanding of all the things we're supposed to do. I'm still a baby zone leader :) Elder Lee is about 10 inches taller than me, and 10 pounds less than I am! haha! oh while we're on the subject of weight... so when I left Johnstown I was at 175, and when I left The southside I came to the Avalon (that's what the area is called) apartment and weighed myself and.... I'm now at 160!!! hooray! I lost 15 pounds in South Side!!

Okay so I just found this out from the Assistants to the President. So it is okay for missionaries to use Skype to talk to the family at home, for Christmas!!! The only rule is though that we get 30 minutes of that, and we can call for... however long. :)  So when I call on Christmas we can arrange stuff so we can see each other on live video feed! That would be so much fun! We should do it! So go get one and we can arrange things on Christmas okay?  yay!! :)  Sound good? :)

So we also have a pretty cool investigator her name is Stephine (stephanie) and she is going to be baptized within the next couple weeks. She just had a problem with smoking. We're going to break her of that habit though and we'll be able to baptize her. She's about 20 years old and way cool.

It is so nice finally being in an area that has a car! It keeps me warm in the freezing winter months. I got out of Southside just in time :) oh yeah we get to cruise around in a 2011 Chevy Malibu. We're privileged. :) Well, That's all for now! I will talk/see you on Saturday! :)


Elder Benjamin Serrano

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