Saturday, January 8, 2011

Avalon Week 3

Merry Christmas!

Happy Birthday!
Well a few cool things happened I guess. Well last Monday was my birthday so I guess I can tell you about a few things that we did for my Birthday. We went to the Burlington coat factory and I got a few new and
awesome ties, a sweater, and then I went and bought a new pair of shoes at the Macys. They're a good pair! Waterproof, good traction, and fairly durable, they are the Timberland brand, so they'll do pretty good from
what I was told. So anyway after I did that.... Nothing really much that was really exciting happened haha! we just went to the apartment and relaxed a little bit. That was way nice! It sure was a good birthday! Nothing really different than any other day really. So yeah it was good.

New Years eve, I was on exchange with a couple of new missionaries in our zone, we had to be in by 6 to the apartment, so that we weren't out proselyting when there were crazy drunks everywhere. So we went over to
a members home and played some games with them for about an hour, then went back to the apartment. I didn't stay up to the new years because, 1. I was so dead tired anyway and didn't want to waste 2 hours of sleep,and 2. it's part of the rules that we retire to bed at 10:30. It was a great night anyway.

The exchange the next day went really well though! We were able to pick up a couple new investigators to work with. They are a really cool couple! Their names are Michael and Marcia. During the lesson they mentioned that they were searching for the truth, and that was a super awesome heart pumper! As we were explaining that Jesus Christ appeared to the Nephites in the Book of Mormon, Marcia had some questions about the resurrection and how that worked with Christ being able to appear places with a physical body. So we were able to explain about the resurrection and the doctrine behind it. It was a really cool lesson! As for Bailey, I don't know what's happening with her. Hopefully things are going fine.

So as Zone Leaders we go to a meeting called the Zone Leader Council. It's a meeting where all the zone leaders in the mission gather together with President Summerhays and discuss the things of the mission and howto improve the mission. It was really cool to be able to discuss ways that we as the leaders of the mission can help to further the work that's going on in the mission. We discussed things like being good examples and helping to motivate missionaries using the scriptures and what not. It was a really cool meeting.


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