Sunday, January 23, 2011

Avalon Week 5

This week for us here in Avalon, was a pretty good week. It's still a great area and I'm starting to learn the area better now! I don't get to drive that often because Elder Lee doesn't trust my driving. Every time I get to drive is when he's tired (did I tell you about this?) and he's always half conscious when I'm driving because he's asleep. Anyway he freaks out over things when he semi-wakes up. So all in all he has no say because he's not all the way conscious. :) I am a good driver trust me.

 We were able to reach the mission standard of total lessons (20) which was a good thing for us. We had a good number of Less Active lessons, but it didn't reflect on the number of LA's at church, which was a bummer. An investigator that we had at church was a daughter to an active member. We haven't been able to set something up in the past while because of custody issues during the holidays with her divorced parents for her but we do have an appointment set up now that she was at church and we were able to talk to her dad who is the member. Our investigator Stephine didn't come to church.... and she smoked... She was doing great for a while but then went to a Steelers party for the playoffs and smoked there which was a bummer to hear about. She totally needs new friends. It's been a long struggle with her and hopefully we'll be able to work with her more. We're planning on giving her a blessing to help her stop smoking. It's something that we've really wanted to do, but keep on forgetting about it. That's our step and hopefully it will work.

That's way exciting that Steve can put in his papers so early!(We just found out you can submit your papers 4 months before your birthday now) How cool is that? That's a whole extra month before his birthday than I was able too. I'll probably be hearing about his call sometime is August right?

Well it snowed a lot this week and we have shoveled many-a-walkways! The old ladies in the ward call us to go and shovel. Also this non-member lady that we work with at the place where we do service (a Alzheimer care unit) asked us to and we went over there. She wasn't home at the time so we just did it anyway. She called us up that night and told us that she got a message on her machine from her neighbor telling her that "there were two guys shoveling your drive way in dress shoes"! That's us! We do everything in those dress shoes :)

Reading the Book of Mormon so fast has been really cool! Right now I'm in mid-Mosiah I think. And it's really cool to see how the story flows. The only bummer part is I can't really stop to study any cool passages I come across. I just have to make a little red dot by it and continue on. King Benjamin's address is so classic! I think I talked about this a couple months ago when I decided to study it on my own. How awesome! The Book of Mormon is true!

Well I think that's all for this week. Not too many exciting things happened. No dogs thankfully, only nice ones :)
Elder Benjamin Serrano

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