Sunday, January 2, 2011

Avalon Week 2

From Sheryl:  We got to skype with Elder Serrano for 30 minutes on Christmas day, plus have phone time.  It was great seeing him!  He looks great!  He was happy and laughing and having fun.  He really likes his new companion and his new area.  The ward members are great and love the Elders.  That, too, is a change from the southside.  I've attached pics that ward members e-mailed me from Christmas.  Here is the e-mail we got the following Monday.  Short, because we had just spoke.

Hooray for Christmas phone calls! That was so fun to hear your voice and to see you over Skype! That was great! Thank you for the Christmas presents! I failed to bring my camera chord to the library to send you pictures of me opening them. So next week for sure I'll send pictures of Christmas and birthday! It'll be great!

Well lets see. Yesterday our investigator didn't come to church which was a let down.... She promised she would but didn't because of her Boyfriend. Satan is working extra hard on her for some reason. She's totally awesome and I hope to see her baptized and everything!

We're going to that mall today so I can pick up some things for my birthday. Thanks for that card!!! I laughed when I saw the names attached to the animals in the Card! They totally fit exactly!! Dad's made me laugh the hardest! The cat with that big ol gut! Then someone drew the belly button on which was awesome! haha! We'll I don't have too much planned for my birthday today so we'll see what happens. It's been a great day so far!

Well I think that's about it. Not much has happened with in the last day.


Christmas Eve with the Suiter Family



  1. Close to two of my area's love the Pitt North Stake!

  2. Also the Pitt North Stake is always good for dinner appointments.