Sunday, January 23, 2011

Avalon Week 4

Yup yup! I've been out for just over 11 Months now! Isn't that crazy? How does the day counter you have for me look? Just about half way full right? Haha! Sweet!

It's been pretty chilly out here too! Our 60 degree days are over. It's not too bad all I gotta do is just layer up and I'm good for the most part. Last night we went to go and try a referral that a member gave us for their neighbors and this guy comes out and wants to talk to us. Well it turns into an "argument" he was just saying that we were wrong, and that we didn't believe in Jesus, etc. All completely ridiculous things, anyway! We sat and chatted with him for 15 minutes or so, but halfway through the conversation I was shaking like crazy! It was so cold! It felt like we were out there for an hour! That was fun, the guy was stubborn and really didn't care for a word that we said.

Oh and another crazy story! I was bit by a dog!
So again we were out trying a referral that we got from HQ and so we knocked on the door to her house. Her house was an absolute wreck by the way! We looked in through the window and there was garbage everywhere and there were probably 100 totes outside surrounding her house that were full of who knows what. Anyway she wasn't home, and so we tried her neighbors to see if they knew anything about her. So we walk up to this house that is faced perpendicular to the street so the side of it is along side the street. The doors then, were on either side of the house, so we tried the one on the left side of the house and no one came to the door. So we tried the door on the right side of the house and as I was walking up the steps to get to the door I look up and see the doors are open and I hear voices. So as I'm rounding this bush I look up and see this dog, and it just howls at me! It didn't even bark, it just screamed like a wild banshee!! I ran up to me, eyes wide like it's seen a ghost, and it stops a foot away from me just screaming at me. All this happened so fast I really didn't get a chance to react much. Then it lunged at my knee! It bit it! And by that time I realized that the cord that was on the dog wasn't keeping it back at all. So I high tailed it out of there and just booked it down those steps because I didn't know how long it's leash was. I made it down the steps and turned around to see it turning it's wheels trying to get to me, but the leash kept it back. By that time the owner was out and reeling it in like a fisherman. Then when she got the dog she slapped it across the face! Good riddance. Anyway, we didn't really learn much about the referral. The neighbor really wasn't any help. As we were walking back to the car, we had a good laugh. Good thing I was wearing my long-john-thermal garments so the mangy mutt couldn't break through that wonderfully holy fabric. I only had a little red mark that looked like a light scratch of a nail. (if you took your nail and press it lightly to your arm and slide it, it makes a red mark, but it's nothing big at all) It was a wonderful day! haha! This happened on Saturday.

So! Stephine finally came to church! we weren't able to set her with a baptismal date yet, she's a little scared to. Whenever we set her with a date she gets nervous for some reason, when it come up and starts up smoking again. So that's a bummer. We were able to teach Michael and Marcia again, and they are totally awesome! They had a lot of questions, and they also kept their commitment to read the book of Mormon. That was really awesome! They didn't come to church which was a bummer, they'll make it one of these days, they've gotta!

The mission has set out a goal for all the missionaries in the PPMission to start and finish the Book of Mormon by Feb 18th! It's been great so far! I love the Book of Mormon so much! The words that are contained in that book are so amazing. I just read 2 Nephi 9 this morning, and it is incredible! I suggest that chapter for your next study/read. The Book of Mormon is true, no matter what anyone says. Most, if not all, of the time, those who bash on it, have never even read it. Like the guy I talked to last night, he said that a friend told him that it wasn't true, therefore to him, it wasn't, and he wouldn't even accept a free copy to read it for himself, but he wanted to rely on the lies of his friend who hasn't read it either. It's too bad that he didn't want the fountain of spiritual nourishment that flows from it's pages.

Well I think that's it for this week, that was exciting! It was a pretty eventful week :)
11 months has gone by so fast, it's incredible. Mothers day will be here in a flash :)

Elder Benjamin Serrano

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