Monday, May 9, 2011

Avalon Week 18

I'm glad that the weather was good for you in Quail creek, I loved camping there! It's a really pretty place and enjoyable when it's not so windy. Seriously that's all I could remember of that place was all the wind there.

Well I'm doing awesome, especially since I'M NOT GETTING TRANSFERRED!!!!! Hooray! My prayers have been answered! I'll be staying another transfer and probably get to see my awesome friends over here baptized. Jeremy C....., his son and daughter, Melissa L... David K....., and who knows who else! There are some awesome things going on! Jeremy actually asked to have his baptismal date pushed back a week so that he can get off coffee to enable him to be baptized. So his date is April 30th! Exciting! Melissa was taught in the home of Chris Hoke since she kinda knows their family already, and there she accepted the challenge to be baptized on May 14th! David K..... has been to church 2 weeks in a row and came to a fireside that Bro. Hoke put on last night so he's totally doing awesome! He's thinking about baptism right now and we'll be inviting him to a date next time we see him on Thursday. I am so happy right now! I love it here! I think it's funny that in the course of my mission I've been in only 3 areas. Johnstown for 6 months, South Side for 4.5, and now Avalon for (soon to be) 6 months. I know some missionaries that have been out for shorter periods of time and have been to many more areas than myself. But I really like having long periods of time in areas because you really get to know the ward, the people, and the area so much better, and you have more time to work and see great things. I really feel bad for some missionaries that stay in an area for only 6 weeks then go to a different one. I feel I've been very blessed to have the areas I have at this time.

This coming week is Easter and I'm really excited about it. It's a time for a more emphasized remembrance of Jesus' life and atonement for us so that we can be cleansed from sin and return to live with Heavenly Father again. He lives! And I love having the calling of being His representative and teaching and testifying in His behalf. I think about that often so I can remember who I represent while I'm out here.

Elder Benjamin

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