Monday, May 9, 2011

Avalon Week 20

The Church now welcomes Brother Jeremy C...... into the fold of God! Jeremy was baptized on Saturday and confirmed a member of the church on Sunday! It was such a wonderful day, and everything went so smoothly! Heonly needed to be baptized once, the water in the font was nice and warm, on the hotter side, but it's much better than on the colder side:) The font took about 3 hours to fill so we had to get to the church at 7 just to make sure that it was full and warm in time for the baptism. And everything went perfectly. God was with us that day and the Spirit
was so strong! Sis. C...... got all teary eyed, and Jeremy felt like aclean man! I am so happy that he was able to accept the gospel.

And in 2 weeks we have another solid investigator going to be baptized, David K..... He's such an awesome guy and is totally humble. We're so excited!
I am doing wonderful and doing so great here, I love it. So it's pretty accurate when you tell people that I'm doing great, because I am!

It sounds like it was a rather eventful week back home! A lot of cool things happening. Everybody is getting married!!! Steve, Kelly, Katie, Sis. Gallop, and who knows who else is going to be. Mel and Steve went to prom, wow, everyone is growing up! It's Steve's senior prom, and Mel's first one. That just blows my mind. Good ol' Colton. I bet they had a blast!

So as for phoning/skyping home, I'm really not sure of an exact time, but I have a dinner appointment at 4 so that'll be about an hour, and then we'll be going up to the K......'s house (the same one that I was at when I skyped the first time and from there we'll be doing that. So probably around 5:30-6pm I'll be calling so it would be 3:30 to 4 your time. I am so excited!!!! I won't talk too much about things on this e-mail so we can have lots of things to talk about on mothers day. Can you believe it's already been about 5 months since we've talked last, and this one will be 3 of 4 times I'll be calling. Wow. Time is going by so fast! Anyway I love you and I look forward to talking to you on Sunday!!
P.S. I checked yesterday, and it turns out, the church is still true :)
Elder Benjamin

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