Monday, May 9, 2011

Avalon Week 17

The weather in Utah sounds absolutely horrendous right now! Yesterday for us over here it was nearly 80 degrees! It was a wonderful day and the first time this year that I actually got to wear my short sleeve shirt out and about! It was great! Today is equally awesome in temperature wise, it cooled a little bit but I think it'll still be in the 70's finally! The weather here is almost as bad as it is in Utah in that it doesn't want to make up it's mind if it wants to have spring or go straight to summer. I think it went straight to summer this year. Phil (Punxsutawney Phil-ss) was dead wrong. I'm glad that you got that letter that Kimball (Hill now serving in the Philippines-ss) wrote. I thought it was addressed to me at first too until I got another one in english! Oh well, I was carrying it around with me all day just in case I found someone that was Filipino and could translate the letter for me. I didn't this week... I have in times past found a few Filipino ladies. Strange, their always women. I don't think I've met a Filipino man out here yet... Oh well!

Yeah this transfer has gone by so fast! I really want to stay another transfer so that I can see the C....... family get baptized and then a couple other people as well! The C......s came out to church again and stayed this time for 2 out of the 3 meeting which is really good! The kids seemed like they had a really good time going. We had an opportunity in the week to have the Bishop come out with us to teach them. It was really a fun experience and the ward is really excited about Jeremy's baptism. So when we went over to the C......'s with Bishop, I noticed something different about Jeremy. Well for one, he shaved off his mo-hawk so now he has a buzzed haircut, and he's much more involved in the lessons and participates more in the lessons. He's doing awesome and is still ready to go for April 23rd!!

We have another investigator by the name of David K...... He's a 24 y.o. guy that we met on the street one day, and we were able to set up a return appointment and teach him in a coffee shop. He seemed really receptive about the message of the Restoration. Well he sent us a text message (yes, we as zone leaders have texting) and told us he would be coming out to church and sure enough he did! He came out to church and came to a Sunday school class after sacrament. He said that the sacrament meeting was a little noisy because of the kids (and some parents too, >:( [angry face]) but he said that it was something he would get used to and committed to come back next Sunday and was telling some members of the ward he would do so too! Awesome!

Another totally cool investigator that we have is Melissa L.... We talked to her while she was doing some gardening and she was really interested. It turns out that she has had a lot of interaction with the church, or rather, church members. Her mom's best friend back in HS was a member, she used to nanny for some Members somewhere, and her son goes to the same elementary school and is in the same grade as Chris Hoke's daughter. So that is was cool! She's very interested too and was telling us last night that she was wondering the best way to talk to her not-very-religious husband about going to church and participating in lessons, and we've only been meeting with her for 2 weeks! She's totally going to get baptized one of these days in the near future!

The Lord is really blessing us here and it is really a privilege to be a part of it. I am having the best time of my life out here and I have never been happier! It feels good. Thanks again for everything! I love you and miss you so much!

Elder Benjamin Serrano

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